Malaysian Wind Repertoire Database

The history of wind bands in Malaysia is relatively short as compared with wind band movements in other parts of the world. However, there were significant growth over the past few decades, with effort and support by government organizations, public schools, the parent-teacher associations, community organizations and individuals. Since the beginning of the wind band movement, Malaysian composers have been writing and arranging pieces for the wind band medium, and many long-dormant pieces have been discovered. (click here for a brief history of wind bands in Malaysia)

It is unfortunate that very little has been chronicled or even recorded. A great number of pioneering band directors have retired or passed away. This has created a need to document the history of the wind band and the repertoire in Malaysia or risk facts being untraceable in years to come. It is essential specifically for countries that has a rich culture and heritages, but without the proper guidance to broadly celebrate the achievements within the wind band genre. In essence, this in-progress-database of wind music repertoire written by Malaysian composer is a public resource created with the goal that this will inspire others to conduct or further research in related areas.

Compiled and created by Low, Chee Meng


Abdullah, Mustaqim

Bahri, Saiful

Chia, Isaac

Chin, Hong-Da

Chiu, Lawrence

Chong, Kee Yong

Chow, Jun Yi

Izan Tajuddin, Tazul

Lim, Yu Yao

Low, Wen Hong (Lance)

Mohd Zain, Suhaimi (Pak Ngah)

Ong, Jiin Joo

Tan, ZhiYong

Tey, Kok Fu

Wong, Adeline

Wong, Chee Wei

Wong, Chee Yean

Yacub, Suhaimi

Yeo, Chow Shern

Yii, Kah Hoe

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