Ong, Jiin Joo

Ong Jiin Joo is a self-taught arranger of Symphonic Band music. His works have been performed by The Philharmonic Winds, Petaling Jaya Youth Symphonic Band, and many bands throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. He also writes for symphony orchestras, brass ensembles, Chinese orchestras, and often combine them for dramatic showcase of the unique musical landscape of Asia.

His music is uniquely influenced by western traditions, Chinese and Malay culture, as well as his contemporaries in the mando-pop music scene like Mac Chew. His notable works include Malay Folk Symphony, Ode to Hwa Chong – an oratorio for 350 person multi-cultural orchestra, and transcriptions of pop songs and musicals like “Those Years”, “Adele 21”, and “If There’re Seasons”.

Jiin Joo is an avid trombonist currently with Philwinds but previously with many orchestras and bands in Singapore, Malaysia and USA. Although he spends his day growing his drone startup Garuda Robotics, he continues to help many bands tailor-make useful sheet music for musicals, school functions, and gigs, through his musical doppelgänger, Useful Music.

Publisher: Retsel Mil Publications



Online Distribution by Legato Music

Adele – 21

If There’re Seasons 《天冷就回来》音乐剧

Shanghai Bund上海滩

Those Years 那些年

Original Works for Wind

Nada Ragam Melayu for wind band (2020) 5′Link

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