Lim, Yu-Yao

Lim Yu-Yao (b.1997) is a Malaysian composer and arranger who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theory and Composition from SooChow University, Taiwan. At the age of seven, he started learning the piano and clarinet, and wrote his first wind orchestra arrangement at the age of 18. In 2016, his arrangement of “A Little Happiness” from the movie Our Times was published in Taiwan.

During his years in university, he studied composition under Professor Yu-Shu Chang. He has participated in numerous intercollegiate concerts and has his compositions performed at numerous concerts and recitals across Taiwan. In 2019, his piece for choir, A Letter to Me, was performed by the Taipei Song-Yung Choir at the Taiwan National Performance Hall. He was commissioned many times to compose works for concert band, choir and other instrumentations. He is also a self-taught jazz pianist and has performed with the SooChow University Big Band.

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Gelang Si Paku Gelang

Original Works for Wind

Eternal Blossom Overture for wind band (2021)

Arrangements for Wind

Tanah Pusaka (composed by Tan Sri Ahmad Merican) for wind band (arr. 2020) 5′watch

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