Swilo Yini Makhanana



Sung by: Kokopelli Choir

Traditional Tsonga, Sotho & Zulu Songs

Arranged by: University of Pretoria Youth Choir

Transcribed by: Sidney M’Sahel & Tova Olson


Voicing: SATB with Alto solo
Splits: Sop 1/2
S Ab4-Bb4
A F4-G4
T C4-Eb4
B Bb2-Bb3
Solo Bb3-D5
Language: Tsonga, Zulu, Sotho
Synopsis: A medley of three traditional songs. The first song talks about a ship during
WWI that sank while taking South African troops to France. The second song is about
an old car that has no wheels while the third song is about a sick child and taking it to
the doctor.

All profits from the sale of this arrangement support Kokopelli Choir Associationโ€™s African Projects Fund, which directly benefits choirs and composers in South Africa and Namibia.

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Group of 60 or less, Group larger than 60