University of Pretoria Youth Choir


The University of Pretoria Youth Choir consist of 90 singers recruited from 33 schools in the Greater City of Tshwane area. They have traveled extensively locally and internationally, and received numerous awards and prizes, incl 1st place in Summa Cum Laude competition in Vienna and 3 gold medals in the 8th World Choir Games in Riga in 2014. They truly are a representation of the unique South African music tradition and acclaimed as one of the greatest ambassadors of choral music in the country.

The choir will showcase the wonderful diversity of South African music in Canada in 2016 at the Edmonton, Banff and Whistler Choral Festivals from 16 April -3 May 2016. Their new initiative to embrace diversity and take the legacy of Nelson Mandela into the grasp of the born free generation will be premiered on 20 February 2016 in the State Theater. This project creates a new reference point for the South African culture through a youth based musical production, NALEDI AN AFRICAN JOURNEY. This innovative production will be showcased at the 9th Choralies Festival in Viason le Romaine in France in August 2016.

The choir projects ensures that our singers’ view of the world and their role in it, are expanded beyond themselves, their family and school to something bigger where they influence their surroundings  through ownership and commitment.

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