Rasa Sayang


Folk song from the Malay Archipelago

Arranged by: Casmond Chew

Grade : 3

Flute 1: Chai Qing
Flute 2: Saufi Abdul Hadi
Flute 3: Kwek Wai Jem
Flute major students of the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage Malaysia (ASWARA)
Under tutelage of Ms. Chew Sze Gee.

Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang is a folk song that is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, the Malay Archipelago. The form of the song is taken from the pantun: a Malay oral poetic form used to express intricate ideas and emotion.

Malaysia Wind Band Initiative

Music in the form of national anthem and patriotic songs were and remain essential components to bind our society together under the imagined nation-of-intent. This is especially true for Malaysia upon its independence in 1957. These songs are popular and accepted by Malaysian as a part of the national identity and such affinities are supported by the songs’ repeated broadcast and consumption on national radio, television and social media platforms.

These versions of the Rasa Sayang are made available in collaboration with the CG Flute Academy.


Flute Trio OR Flute Quartet

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