Perajurit Tanah Air


Composer: Saiful Bahri

Arranged by: Lance LOW Wen Hong

Grade : 3

Perajurit Tanah Air

Perajurit Tanah Air or Inilah Barisan Kita is a patriotic Malaysian national song, composed by Saiful Bahari. The song is remarkable for its impartial, egalitarian lyrics, which extols the soldiers’ love and duty to the motherland without explicit reference to any particular race or religion.

Malaysia Wind Band Initiative

Music in the form of national anthem and patriotic songs were and remain essential components to bind our society together under the imagined nation-of-intent. This is especially true for Malaysia upon its independence in 1957. These songs are popular and accepted by Malaysian as a part of the national identity and such affinities are supported by the songs’ repeated broadcast and consumption on national radio, television and social media platforms.

There are many versions of wind band arrangement available for these anthems and patriotic songs, but most of them are in the form of hand-written manuscript. This particular arrangement was type-set and re-arranged to fit the modern wind band instrumentation.


  1. Piccolo
  2. 1st & 2nd Flute
  3. Oboe
  4. 1st Clarinet in B♭
  5. 2nd & 3rd Clarinet in B♭
  6. Bass Clarinet in B♭
  7. Bassoon
  8. 1st & 2nd Alto Saxophone
  9. Tenor Saxophone
  10. Baritone Saxophone
  11. 1st Trumpet in B♭
  12. 2nd & 3rd Trumpet in B♭
  13. 1st & 2nd Horn in F
  14. 3rd & 4th Horn in F
  15. 1st & 2nd Trombone
  16. 3rd Trombone
  17. Baritone/Euphonium
  18. Tuba
  19. Timpani
  20. Percussion (Snare Drum & Bass Drum)
  21. Cymbals
  22. Tubular Bells
  23. Mallet Percussion (Glockenspiel)
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