Blue Sky 我爱祖国的蓝天


作曲:羊鸣 Composed by: Yang Ming 编曲:王和声 Arranged by: Wang Hesheng Published by: Retsel Mil Publications Grade : 3 Widely circulated in China, the song described the pride of a pilot while flying across the blue sky of China. Written in the beat of three, it is a very lively piece with a graceful melody. This concert band version was arranged by Wang Hesheng for the 2009 China National Day parade ceremony. [我爱祖国的蓝天]是一首在中国流传很广的歌曲,描写了飞行员飞翔在祖国的蓝天那种自豪的心情,此曲采用三拍子节奏,跳荡起伏,旋律优美流畅。王和声先生把这首歌曲改编为管乐曲,在2009年国庆大典的阅兵式中演奏,受到大家的欢迎。 Instrumentation: Piccolo 1st Flute 2nd Flute Oboe Bassoon Clarinet in E♭ 1st Clarinet in B♭ 2nd Clarinet in B♭ 3rd Clarinet in B♭ Bass Clarinet in B♭ Bassoon 1st & 2nd Alto Saxophone 1st & 2nd Tenor Saxophone … Continue reading Blue Sky 我爱祖国的蓝天

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