Blue Sky 我爱祖国的蓝天




Composed by: Yang Ming


Arranged by: Wang Hesheng

Published by: Retsel Mil Publications

Grade : 3

Widely circulated in China, the song described the pride of a pilot while flying across the blue sky of China. Written in the beat of three, it is a very lively piece with a graceful melody. This concert band version was arranged by Wang Hesheng for the 2009 China National Day parade ceremony.



  1. Piccolo
  2. 1st Flute
  3. 2nd Flute
  4. Oboe
  5. Bassoon
  6. Clarinet in E♭
  7. 1st Clarinet in B♭
  8. 2nd Clarinet in B♭
  9. 3rd Clarinet in B♭
  10. Bass Clarinet in B♭
  11. Bassoon
  12. 1st & 2nd Alto Saxophone
  13. 1st & 2nd Tenor Saxophone
  14. Baritone Saxophone
  15. 1st & 2nd Horn in F
  16. 3rd & 4th Horn in F
  17. 1st Trumpet in B♭
  18. 2nd Trumpet in B♭
  19. 3rd Trumpet in B♭
  20. 1st Trombone
  21. 2nd Trombone
  22. 3rd Trombone
  23. Euphonium
  24. Tuba
  25. Snare Drum
  26. Cymbals
  27. Bass Drum


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