Those Years 那些年



The Philharmonic Winds Goes Pop 2012
December 16, 2012
Esplanade Concert Hall
Conductor: Adrian Chiang

木村充利 Mitsutoshi Kimura / 九把刀 Jiu Ba Dao

Arranged by: Ong Jiin Joo

Published by: Retsel Mil Publications

Grade : 3 1/2

This is an arrangement of the music from the 2011 Taiwan Romance film ‘You are the Apple of My Eye’, 那些年,我们一起追过的女孩》. This arrangement for Those Years was conceptualised for a relatively small band. After an introduction by the piano and mallets, the piece starts with an exposed and extended trumpet solo, joined later by fragments of harmonies that set the character for all the melodies in the piece. It is important that the top line for these chorded melodies comes through despite the thick orchestration, without sacrificing the lyrical tune. Syncopations in the melody are not to be accented; instead, players should emphasise the ups and downs and build as big a phrase as possible.

Also worth noting is the on-going background counter melodies, which in many cases clashes and can easily overpower the tune. This includes the line by trumpets from letter D, the two lines apart from the trumpets from letter I, and everyone apart from Horns, Euphonium and 1st Trombone in letter L. A mature band will manage the dynamic of the supporting line just under the tune, without compromising the generally broad and emotional character of the line. Although the climax of the piece between the 3rd and 4th bar of letter K (i.e. accented vs. slurred triplets) is worth contrasting without reservation, do keep the rest of the sections bouncy and let the music speaks for itself without over emphasising any one part.

Last but not least, beware of the 3 semiquavers that pick up the melody, which is a source of errors and often a culprit for the music slowing down, particularly when the drum is not giving time.


  1. Piccolo
  2. 1st & 2nd Flute
  3. Oboe
  4. English Horn
  5. Bassoon
  6. Clarinet in E♭
  7. 1st Clarinet in B♭
  8. 2nd Clarinet in B♭
  9. 3rd Clarinet in B♭
  10. Bass Clarinet in B♭
  11. 1st Alto Saxophone
  12. 2nd Alto Saxophone
  13. Tenor Saxophone
  14. Baritone Saxophone
  15. 1st Trumpet in B♭
  16. 2nd Trumpet in B♭
  17. 3rd Trumpet in B♭
  18. 1st & 3rd Horn in F
  19. 2nd & 4th Horn in F
  20. 1st Trombone
  21. 2nd Trombone
  22. Bass Trombone
  23. Euphonium
  24. Tuba
  25. Piano
  26. Bass Guitar
  27. Drum Set
  28. Percussion (Triangle,wind chimes, suspended cymbal, shaker)
  29. Timpani
  30. Glockenspiel
  31. Chimes
  32. Vibraphone

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