Nada Ragam Melayu 2

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Traditional Folk Songs (Lenggang Kangkung, Dayung Sampan)

Written for Malaysia International Wind Festival 2024

Arranged by: Ong Jiin Joo

Grade : 3


  1. Flute
  2. Oboe (optional 2nd flute)
  3. Bassoon
  4. 1st Clarinet in B♭
  5. 2nd Clarinet in B♭
  6. Bass Clarinet
  7. 1st Alto Saxophone
  8. 2nd Alto Saxophone
  9. Tenor Saxophone
  10. Baritone Saxophone
  11. 1st Trumpet in B♭
  12. 2nd Trumpet in B♭
  13. Horn in F
  14. Trombone
  15. Euphonium (opt. 2nd Trombone)
  16. Tuba
  17. Timpani
  18. Snare Drum
  19. Bass Drum
  20. Crash Cymbals
  21. Suspended Cymbals
  22. Tambourine
  23. Glockenspiel
  24. Xylophone

Special remark: If you are buying this to participate the Malaysia International Wind Festival 2024, please put the school name for the “First name” and your name for “Last name”. Thanks for supporting local composer for the set piece.

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