Malaysian Medley


Malaysian Medley

    • Dayong Sampan
    • Chan Mali Chan
    • Ikan Keke
    • Rasa Sayang

Performers: CHIN Yen Lin, LIU Wen Chin, Vincent KANG, GOH Qiao Zheng

Arranged by: Geneviene Wong

Art work by: Diana Lam


Voicing: Two-Part Treble Voices


The “Malaysian Medley” comprises of four very popular traditional folksongs from the Malay archipelago.

Dayong Sampan” is the Malay version of “Row The Boat” and sings of the journey of the early immigrants rowing their boats across the seas to Malaysia and Singapore in search of peace and tranquility.

Chan Mali Chan” was actually intended as a flirtatious courting song, with the little goat (anak kambing) being used as a symbol of mischievousness and friskiness.

Ikan Kekek” is a folksong about the pony fish (perch). Malaysians are well known for their love of love, and they love singing about food. So when they sing about fish, what follows naturally is the best way to cook and eat the fish!

Rasa Sayang” is one of the most popular songs from the region, literally meaning “feel the love”!



Group of 20 or less, Group larger than 20 but below 40, Group larger than 40

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