Swilo Yini Makhanana

Sung by: Kokopelli Choir

Traditional Tsonga, Sotho & Zulu Songs

Arranged by: University of Pretoria Youth Choir

Transcribed by: Sidney M’Sahel & Tova Olson


Voicing: SATB with Alto solo
Splits: Sop 1/2
S Ab4-Bb4
A F4-G4
T C4-Eb4
B Bb2-Bb3
Solo Bb3-D5
Language: Tsonga, Zulu, Sotho
Synopsis: A medley of three traditional songs. The first song talks about a ship during
WWI that sank while taking South African troops to France. The second song is about
an old car that has no wheels while the third song is about a sick child and taking it to
the doctor.

All profits from the sale of this arrangement support Kokopelli Choir Association’s African Projects Fund, which directly benefits choirs and composers in South Africa and Namibia.

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